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Which Is The Full Sindhi folklore Story of Sassi and Punnu?

Which Is The Full Sindhi folklore Story of Sassi and Punnu?

Sassi Punnu Written By or Which Is The Full Sindhi folklore Story of Sassi and Punnu?

This tragic love story is called Sassi Punnu. Sindhi folktales is over 200 years old. Sassi Punnu was written by the Sindhi and Sufi poet, Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai in (1689-1752). Bhimbhor was a small town of Debal where the see ship of merchants selling fragrance used to anchor. From this fragrant city the roots of the folk love story of Sassi are connected. Sassi also lived in this city.

Here Is The Full Sindhi folklore Story of Sassi and Punnu

Sassi was born in the house of a Hindu king. On her birth, the astrologist told the king that this girl would be bad for the royal family. This ruthless king put his beloved daughter in a wooden box and dumped it in the river Indus.

Sassi’s childhood was spent in the house of this laundress. She proved to be a very caring daughter of her parents. Punnu was the prince of Ketch Makran.

There is a backstory here as well. One is that the Punnu passed through Bhimbhor with their companions and there they stayed around the bank at this moment Punnu met with Sassi because Sassi also came for drinking water. They were thirsty. They drank and at that time Punnu fell in love with Sassi and he became Sassi’s lover.

The second narration is that when he heard about the beauty of Sassi, the desire to meet Sassi arose in his heart and he went to see Sassi. At the first sight of Sussi in her house, he became mad.

Sassi’s father wanted to marry Sassi in his own caste while Punnu was a Baloch prince. Because he is a laundress, he was hired to do the laundry. Now that he was a prince, he could not do the laundry. He put a gold coin in the pocket of each garment on which all the villagers praised his washing and thus Sassi’s father was ready to marry her.

Sassi was very happy her marriage was going to take place with Punnu but Punnu’s father and brother were against this marriage. They also threatened him but Punnu mad in Sassi’s love, Punnu did not obey his father and brothers. They planned to another method. Apparently, they agreed to marry Punnu with Sassi and also participated in the marriage of Punnu where he drank a lot of fainting syrup, which caused him to lose his temper. They tied Punnu on a camel and brought him to their native Ketch Makran.

From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true journey begins. Sassi is sleeping on a couch, unaware that her husband Punnu have been taken away by her brothers.

When Sassi woke up in the morning, it was as if his whole world was engulfed, but Sassi did not give up and walked towards the catch. People and friends explained that the catch is far away from here, there are animals, there is a severe shortage of water, the sun is hot during traveling in desert, so do not go, but Sassi did not listen to anyone and went to meet to her beloved.

Throughout the journey, she kept shouting, her clothes were rotten, her face was fading, her lips were hurting from thirst, her feet were bleeding from blisters, Sassi was not conscious.

In a state of extreme thirst she found a shepherd who gave her water to drink. The shepherd’s intention was ruined by Sassi’s beauty. Sassi was afraid. The ground cracked and she sank into it. Sassi found herself buried in a valley in the mountains. Only her scarf’s corner openly visible over her grave.

The next day, when the Punnu came to their senses, they too ran towards the Bhimbhor shouting Sassi Sassi. Shepherd came and told all criteria, also took him to Sassi’s grave. Punnu prayed to God the same, suddenly the earth cracked again, Punnu also fell into it, and found himself buried in the valley of the same mountains where Sassi was buried.

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