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How to Record an Online Free Video Call With Google Meet?

How to Record an Online Free Video Call With Google Meet?

Google Meet calls can be recorded for a number of reasons. Meeting recordings can be used in training, for refereeing, or for note-taking. To stay in touch with our teachers, students, coworkers, bosses, and even our loved ones, we all use virtual connections. Currently, Google Meet is free, and we’re all enjoying it. Since Google Meet offers us a free solution for video calls (online meetings), you can record those calls to get the most out of them. Google Meet sessions can be recorded, and here we will show you how to record them as a student, teacher, or without a teacher’s permission so that you will never run out of answers. Lessons and some important parts of discussions with others can be recorded. These days, we are participating in more meetings, video conferences, and online meeting platforms than ever before, such as Google Meet and Zoom. While joining a meeting is pretty straightforward, you can save the recording so you can review the topics that were discussed, revisit your teacher or trainer’s lessons again, or just keep them stored as a memory.

How to Record an Online Free Video Call With Google Meet?

If your video call is a meeting or a conference call, here’s how to record a copy. The recording feature (available in Google Meet) can be used to capture a copy of your call, even if it’s just a simple call from a family member or friend. Video calls in Google Meetings can only be recorded by the meeting organizer, administrators, teachers and students (if they are in the same organization). Check some third-party software if you don’t have permission and see if it works. Whenever teachers are logged in to Google Workspace, they can record meetings. Students can also record a meeting if the teacher is the organizer.

You can initiate or join a meeting using Google Meet. Click the three-dots button on the bottom right corner during that video meeting. Accept the “Ask for consent” popup by clicking “Record meeting”. The teacher can check or uncheck the box to let people record meetings. You can stop or pause the recording whenever you want, or when everyone leaves the video chat. You can stop the recording by following these simple steps:

  1. You can access Google Meet’s three-dot menu from the Google Meet page
  2. On the pop-up, click “Stop recording” and confirm.
  3. That’s it. It’s now easier for you to record and stop capturing Google Meet meetings.

Your Google Meet recordings will be available in the meeting organizer’s Google Drive in the Meeting Recordings folder, and Google Meet will send you a confirmation email with a link to your recording.
Note: The ability to record is only available in Google Workspace editions (Google G Suite).

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