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Red Sparrow True Story

Red Sparrow True Story The Incident

Red Sparrow True Story: This incident happened when my younger sister Lisa was 8 years old. She was very naughty and also played a lot. She loved to play in the garden outside the house. She loved the flowers of different colors in the garden.  ۔

One day while she was playing in the garden, she saw a red sparrow which flew and landed on her hand. The sparrow was completely red, and it seemed as if she had known Lisa for years.

That day, when Lisa started walking back home from the garden, the red sparrow also started flying along with Lisa and after entering Lisa in her house, sparrow also entered the house.

Everyone in the house wondered where the red bird came from with Lisa.  That red bird would always be in Lisa’s room or would sit on Lisa’s shoulder.

Then, a few days later, Lisa became ill and she was visited to the doctor, but Lisa’s illness got worse.  The red bird kept looking at Lisa but didn’t fly away. She just kept looking at Lisa.

One day, Lisa was very sick and everyone in the house was giving her medicine. They were checking her oxygen level.

Suddenly, Lisa’s eyes closed and Lisa died. As soon as Lisa died, the red bird flew towards the sky and never came back.

After Lisa’s death, some say that the red bird was actually a ghost who liked Lisa and took Lisa’s soul towards heaven after her death.

Red Sparrow True Story
Red Sparrow

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